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Why You Should Celebrate Hanukkah



In the 2nd century BCE, the brave Maccabees recaptured the Holy Temple in Jerusalem from the Greeks.  The first thing they did was light the golden menorah.  They found only one jar of oil but it burned miraculously for eight days. Today we light a menorah for eight days to recall this miracle and to be inspired by its message.  (Fun fact: Hanukkah is celebrated for eight days even though the miracle of the oil was really only seven days.  The first day’s light shouldn’t count because it’s natural.  The eight day celebration teaches us that everything in the “natural” world is really a miracle caused by God.  Nothing happens without Him willing it.)

Hanukkah is a story of incredible faithfulness to God and a story of awesome courage.  It’s a time to wonder at the miracles of God.  It’s a time to rededicate and celebrate.

Most importantly, Hanukkah is not just for Jews.
Yeshua (Jesus) celebrated Hanukkah.  So why shouldn’t Christians?
If it was important to Jesus shouldn’t it be important to us?

As Christians, we should celebrate the “Festival of Lights” as we rededicate our lives to Christ and acknowledge Him as the perfect and true light of this world.  As believers, when we celebrate Hanukkah it reminds us of God’s wonderful miracles on our behalf.  It reminds us of God’s protection throughout our lives.  It reminds us to remain true to God even when the world around us tries to force us into assimilation.

This holiday is about a dedicated people who refused to compromise, a remnant of people who refused to give in and go against God ‘s Word.


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