As women, we’re all bridesmaids to each other.

If you follow me on social media, you know that I’m doing the Open Your Bible Series with She Reads Truth.  Day 12 was about applying scripture responsibly and has probably been my favorite day so far!  Rebecca made a great analogy of applying scripture and being a bridesmaid.  At the heart of it, IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU.  She states that the women in your life are the brides of Christ (there’s that marriage analogy again that I mentioned last week!) so as women we’re all called to be bridesmaids for each other, helping the bride get ready for the wedding.  (See Revelation 19:6-9 about the marriage supper of the Lamb.)

There are three things we’re supposed to do to be good bridesmaids: comfort and encourage the bride (Romans 15:4 – give hope through the encouragement of the scriptures), speak truth to the bride (protect her and keep her from falling away), and remember the bride’s relationship with the groom is more important than her relationship with you (Proverbs 2).



I’ve been blessed enough to have an amazing accountability partner for the past ten years, Emily.  High school was spent with weekly walks to Heroes downtown on Saturday for lunch and to talk about what God was doing in our lives.  Those weekly talks grounded me and gave me the strength I have today in my faith.  She’s married and living across the country these days but I know I can pick up the phone at any time and have those same talks.  Starting today I’m going to challenge us to have those chats regularly again.

I hope you have someone like this in your life.  If not, I encourage you to find someone.  We’re not meant to go through life alone.  I’m always free for a chat: and if you’re somewhere on the Gulf Coast, Pumpkin Spice Latte on me whenever you’d like.  <3

The glory of the bridesmaid is that on that beautiful wedding day she reflects Christ’s love and the bride looks only to Him.  Take care of the bride! – Rebecca Faires


Tuesday Tunes: Spotify Edition


If you know me at all, you know that I have a MAJOR obsession with Spotify!  I make playlists like jewelers cut diamonds.  This weekend I deleted most of my public playlists and started over.  Check them out, subscribe, give me suggestions.

you wreck me. – My ex girlfriend is nuts.  I both love and hate her more than anyone on the planet.  She wrecks me.  This playlist reflects that.

emma, my skinny love. – These are all just really mellow folk songs for good vibes.

believers never die. – This is the complete Fall Out Boy Collection, duh.

for miss erin. – This is a playlist I made for my friend Erin of all my favorite feel good indie-type songs about two years ago.  It’s an eclectic mix of Gavin Degraw, Mumford and Sons, The Format, Grouplove, etc.

globes and maps. – Something Corporate collection

cut my life into pieces. – Sometimes you just need to wallow in your depression.  This is the perfect soundtrack for that.

poison. – This is a really mellow driving mix I made when I was having to drive an hour everyday for personal things.

righteous babes. - These are all the songs that defined my To Write Love On Her Arms experience.

city girl on you. - Complete Tegan and Sara Collection… basically, a lesbian goldmine.

jac vanek collection. – Songs from Jac Vanek (over 1,000 songs)

helen jams. – Songs from my friend Helen Showalter

mummy dearest. – This is mostly old school R&B songs that I grew up singing in the car with my mummy.

spoken word. – This is a collection of some of my favorite poets that I was able to find on Spotify.

californication. – Songs about California

take a back road. – Country music

hotel ryan nights. – Ryan Adams collection

love money party. – Party anthems

life lived for art. – This is my “get stoked for work” playlist.  I listen to it before all photoshoots, meetings, etc.  It reminds me why I’m in this industry and what I’m working toward.

hey pretty girl. – This is a playlist I made for a girl.  It’s for that beginning “I like you a lot” stage.

okay, into the dark. – This is my best friend playlist.

making love faces. – Well.  Everything needs a soundtrack, right?

drink you away. – Heartbreak songs

hipster’s paradise. – This playlist has over 3,000 songs and is constantly being updated.  I’m sent a lot of music for work and this is generally where I add it all as I weed through to find my favorites.

waste of paint. – Bright Eyes collection

cheer up, buttercup. - These are all of my happy songs for whenever I’m having a bad day and want to dance around in my underwear, Callie Torres style.

burn one down. – Again, everything needs a soundtrack, right?

pop punk princess. – These are all of my pop punk jams.

drunk on you. – Country love songs

you love me, xoxo. – This is every song ever played on Gossip Girl.  You’re welcome.

grace like rain. – Worship songs

my boston love. – This is the playlist I wrote about here.

Then, there are five playlists made by others that I love and have followed…

Road trip

Souleans Mix #1

middle school mixtape.

The Vampire Diaries

Grey’s Anatomy – Complete Soundtrack